IUCM - The Integrated Urban Complexity Model

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This model simulates urban growth and transformation with the objective of minimising the energy required for transportation. This user manual describes its technical implementation as the iucm python package.

Here we provide the principal steps on how to install and use the model, as well as a complete documentation of the python API and the command line interface.

The scientific background will be published in a separate journal article.


IUCM is published under license GPL-3.0 or any later version under the copyright of Philipp S. Sommer and Roger Cremades, 2016


The authors thank Florent Le Néchet for his comments and for the provision of further statistical details about his publications. The authors thank Walter Sauf for his support on using the facilities of the German Supercomputing Center (DKRZ). The authors also wish to express their gratitude to Wolfgang Lucht, Hermann Held, Andreas Haensler, Diego Rybski and Jürgen P. Kropp for their helpful comments. PS gratefully acknowledges funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation ((ACACIA, CR10I2_146314)). RC gratefully acknowledges support from the Earth-Doc programme of the Earth League.

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